HeartMath® IS for you if you desire...

-A deeper experience of connection, self-love, self-care and love for others.
-Ready access to your own inner knowing in each moment.
-A still mind that keeps you focused on one thing at a time, when your current experience is a mind that is constantly reminding you of all the things you need to handle RIGHT NOW or all the things you still haven’t done.
-Feeling energized, accomplished and fulfilled at the end of each day.
-Being the contribution to others that you want to be while maintaining your own self-care.
-Greater effectiveness in communication, especially when facing challenging circumstances.


Coaching with a HeartMath® Certified Coach could be for you!


The HearthMath System

The only known simple, straightforward, step-by-step system of scientifically validated tools that de-stress – a way that anyone can listen to and follow the heart as a source of intelligence.


About  Dee

My life is a commitment to well being – a journey of movement from listening to others tell me…who I am, what I should do and numbing down my own self-expression to the point of dis-ease (cancer)…to a journey of self-discovery of how to be well. The HeartMath® System gives me access to deep connection, self-love, self-care and love of others…access to my own inner knowing. Practicing these quick and simple tools has me experience more peace that I ever knew was possible. I have a deep desire to share these tools with anyone who wants this access – this is the work I do.


Participant Experiences 

"HeartMath reminds me every day to consciously live from my heart, to fully trust my intelligence and intuition and to move forward with grace and ease. When I was enrolled in the HeartMath class my husband had recently died. I had many reasons not to move forward. What a life changing experience, the love and support that was present assisted me with moving my life positively forward. I wholeheartedly recommend this class."

LB, Licensed Massage Therapist