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Is It For You?

Consider HeartMath® Coaching if you want:

  • To alter the stress chemistry of your body with the result of over-all well being and decreased dis-ease

  • To have a quick and easy method of anchoring to your inner peace and calm

  • To have the majority of your day feel grounded and focused

  • To relax and move away from feeling driven

  • To feel confidence and acceptance in each moment regardless of your circumstances

  • To feel newly connected in an old familiar relationship

The HeartMath Methodology

Facilitates self-discovery through a simple yet profound process that de-stresses and creates balance between the mind, the emotions and the body and gives the participant the clarity to know answers to:

  • What do I want?

  • What gets in the way?

  • What can I do?

  • How do I sustain it?

This happens through creating coherence and balance between the mind, the emotions and the body through the use of a simple self-initiated process.

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