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Participant Experiences

Feeling calmer & peaceful…

“I was driving to the courthouse to a stressful situation regarding my separation/divorce and was feeling very anxious and fearful when I began to use one of the HeartMath tools. I found myself able to relax and remain calm during the situation when, previously, I would have been in a high state of anxiety and stress. I continued to use the tools throughout this process and I feel so much calmer and peaceful in the midst of the chaos.” LC, Realtor

More patient & forgiving…

“As a result of using the skills I’ve learned from taking the HeartMath series with Dee, I am experiencing myself as a new person! I am more patient and forgiving of myself and others. I am making a difference in my life and the lives of those I love, beyond the scope of what I ever dreamed possible, especially for my three children.” HT, Mother of Three

Wholeheartedly recommend…

“Practicing HeartMath tools helps remind me every day to consciously live from my heart, to fully trust my intelligence and intuition and to move forward with grace and ease.

When I was enrolled in the HeartMath class my husband had recently died and I did not think I would be able to take the class. I had many reasons not to move forward. I made the decision after speaking with Dee to take a risk and get on the weekly call with people I did not know. What a life changing experience, the love and support that was present assisted me with moving my life positively forward. My 19 year old daughter took the course after me and had a similar experience.

Dee is a lovely, beautiful woman who will expand your ability to truly live your life from you heart. I wholeheartedly recommend this class.” LB, Licensed Massage Therapist

Boost in personal empowerment…

“For me it’s more than coaching. It’s a partnership. In one month’s time, Dee assisted me in clarifying and organizing the ‘loose ends’ of my wellness. I’ve really enjoyed the boost of personal empowerment and satisfaction. My wellness inventory score increased 12% in just one month!” KB, Licensed Massage Therapist

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